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Collective Worship

This term our Christian Value is SERVICE                                                                                          This term our Christian Value is SERVICE                                                                                                    This term our Christian Value is SERVICE

In Church of England schools, collective worship reflects the traditions of the Church of England and develops learners' understanding of Anglican traditions and practice. 

Sarum St Paul’s Primary School is a Church of England Voluntary Aided School. Worship is an important part of the school day as it gives us the opportunity to come together as a school community to learn about God and our Christian way of life and to praise God. We consider Collective Worship to be a significant educational activity that both reflects and explores the schools distinctive Christian character and contributes to the academic achievement, personal development and well-being of all learners. Worship celebrates each unique individual member made in the image of God. It enables us to express feelings of respect and concern for ourselves, others, for our local community and our world. Collective worship has the potential to unite the whole school community and to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development for every child.

The School Collective Worship Policy reflects and reinforces the school’s vision and ethos and will demonstrate the partnership between the conduct and content of school worship and the ethos of the whole school based on Christian values of love, truthfulness, forgiveness and perseverance.

Our Collective Worship policy can be read by clicking on this link: Collective Worship Policy 2018/19

Our daily Act of Worship



Whole school worship led by Headteacher or RE lead – Roots and Fruits theme introduced

A lunchtime prayer and end of day prayer and reflection happens on a daily basis.

Once a term, children are given time to reflect on the impact the worship theme has had on them by completing their ‘ Reflection Journals’.



Class worship led by class teachers – reflection on Monday’s worship



Whole school worship led by St Paul’s Church – Roots and Fruits theme explored further



Whole school singing worship led by class teachers



Whole school celebration worship led by Headteacher or Key Stage Managers

Here are this term's brilliant Collective Worship videos, created by Debbie, based on the value SERVICE.

Collective Worship videos based on the value:  JUSTICE    Spring 2 2021

Roots and Fruits

The school follows the Roots and Fruits scheme, this is a Christian Collective Worship resource for primary schools, designed to support ‘whole school’ worship over. Rooted in Bible teaching, twelve Christian values represent the fruit that grows as the teaching is lived out in every day life. Each term focuses on one value which links with the season of the Church year, an overview can be seen below:



Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6









· Loving others as we love      ourselves

·  Giving sacrificially

·  Giving cheerfully

· Caring for creation

· Giving our time


 .Noticing a need

·  Being a good neighbour

· Putting on the right         attitude

· Having the courage to care

· Coming to the rescue


·Stepping out of your comfort zone

·Doing the right thing, not     the easy thing

·  Facing a challenge

· Overcoming a fear

· Encouraging others

·  Wiping the slate clean

· Turning over a new leaf

· Forgiving others as God       has forgiven you

·  Beginning again

· Putting the past behind us

·  Sticking together

·  Encouraging one another

·  Supporting one another

·  Making time for each     other

· Learning to listen

· Remembering to pray for others

·  Valuing difference

· Valuing others as we     would like to be valued

·  Valuing special places

· Valuing different opinions

Opportunities to involve the wider community in worship (at St Paul’s Church unless stated otherwise)

Harvest Festival

KS2 Carol Concert


Easter Service


Year 6 Leavers’ celebration (Salisbury Cathedral)

Leavers’ Service




Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6









· Thanking God for people   who help us

·  Praising God in creation

· Remembering to say thank  you

· Giving thanks even when   times are difficult

· Counting your blessings

· Knowing our friends will   support us

· Knowing Jesus is with us     in stormy times

· Standing on God’s promises

· Being trustworthy, not   gossiping

· Trusting God

·  Running the race of life

·  Keeping going against all     odds

·  Doing the right thing

· Meeting a personal   challenge

· Encouraging others to keep going

· Treating people fairly

· Making wise decisions

· Seeing God’s love in action

· Seeing the whole picture

· Keeping God’s rules

· Using our talents to serve

·  Receiving as well as giving

·  Giving with no strings     attached

· Looking at the heart

· Living for others

· Telling the whole story

· Living without lies

· Making the right choices

· Searching for the truth

· Having the courage to be   honest

Opportunities to involve the wider community in worship

Harvest Festival


KS2 Carol Concert


Easter Service


Year 6 Leavers’ celebration (Salisbury Cathedral)

Leavers’ Service


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