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Behaviour for Learning


'Good behaviour in schools is central to a good education. Schools need to manage behaviour well so they can provide calm, safe and supportive environments which children and young people want to attend and where they can learn and thrive. Being taught how to behave well and appropriately within the context they’re in is vital for all pupils to succeed personally' (DfE Behaviour in Schools advice document September 2022). 

We understand behaviour as a means of communication. Every behaviour communicates a message. Behaviour is an action or reaction to any situation and can be positive, negative or indifferent. Positive behaviour reflects the values of the school, readiness to learn and respect for others. Creating a culture that promotes excellent behaviour requires a clear vision of what good behaviour looks like. All adults at Sarum St Paul's School share a commitment and collective responsibility to demonstrate and teach positive behaviour. We believe that this will allow pupils to build good relationships, help them to thrive, to make good progress and to connect with others. We want all children to feel a sense of security, well-being and belonging, we strive to create an environment where pupils and staff flourish in safety and dignity. 


Our Vision


‘Loving to learn as we build friendship and faith’


Our Ethos

 We believe every child is wonderfully and uniquely made in the image of God to thrive and grow.

We provide a vibrant, creative curriculum that promotes an enthusiasm and love for learning.

We create an inclusive, nurturing and hope-filled environment, built upon our Christian values of love, truthfulness, forgiveness and perseverance, which encourages kindness, respect and friendship.


This is achieved by:

  • applying rules, rewards and sanctions in a fair and consistent manner
  • enabling all members of the school community to handle their emotions appropriately
  • fostering an inclusive and nurturing Christian environment where all members can take risks and are not afraid to fail
  • providing an environment where children and adults show respect through verbal and non verbal interactions
  • considering consequence of actions and making reasoned choices


Behaviour for Learning Policy 

A school's culture and values are manifested through the behaviour of all its members. High standards and clear rules reflect the values of our school and outline the expectations and consequences of bahavious for everyone. Our school's behaviour policy provides details on how staff will support pupils to meet these expectations. 

Please visit the policies area of our webiste to read the most recent Behaviour for Learning policy.

Please do not hesitate in getting in contact with a member of school staff if you would like to discuss the policy further. 

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