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Through teaching PE we aim to develop a lifelong love and understanding of the importance of keeping fit and healthy. To enable this we have designed a curriculum which inspires and challenges children with a range of different learning opportunities. We raise participation rates and support children of all abilities to reach their potential and facilitate them in finding sporting activities they enjoy. Furthermore, we ensure that children with SEND have access to an inclusive, full and varied PE curriculum that meets their individual needs. 

We also aim to improve the confidence and competence of all staff for them to facilitate learning and to enable them to provide high quality teaching to all pupils across the school. We ensure children are active throughout the school day and create strong links with local clubs to develop and foster extracurricular learning. We provide the children with positive role models and support positive well-being to help them in everything they do. We improve mental well-being in children who struggle with academic studies by celebrating their successes in sport and physical activity. We aim to engage pupil premium children through sporting events. Both in school and as a part of cross-school competitions. 

PE PLANNING 2021-2023



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Change4Life https://www.nhs.uk/change4life/activities/

  • Ideas and tips to get families moving indoors
  • 10 minutes shake up games


kidsactivities.com https://kidsactivitiesblog.com/62829/active-indoor-games/

  • 45+ Active indoor games
  • Indoor physical activity games, arts and crafts, educational activities
  • From babies, primary school and family


KIDDO https://kiddo.edu.au/user/6716/edit/

  • KIDDO provides information, resources and skills for parents, teachers and early learning educators
  • Getting kids moving and building physical literacy and physical activity skills for life for children age 3-8


The Body Coach Physical Education Sessions https://www.youtube.com/thebodycoach1/

  • PE sessions at home via You Tube