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Promoting Wellbeing

Wellbeing Weeks - 'Health Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Soul'

Our wellbeing weeks are always hugely successful, activities included:

  • First aid workshops
  • Knitting lessons
  • Dogs Trust workshops
  • Guinea pig cuddles
  • Staff rag wreath making
  • Healthy eating workshops with our school caterers
  • Mindfulness activities 
  • Prayer journals 
  • 'Stay and Get Talking' family workshop 
  • Cooking healthy snacks
  • Staff sewing class
  • Whole school dog walk

At the start of our first wellbeing week, 3% of pupils knew what wellbeing meant and how they could promote a healthy body, healthy mind, healthy soul. By the end of the week, over 75% of pupils were confident in explaining what it meant and strategies they could use to lead a healthy lifestyle.  

What did the staff/parents say about the week?

"I think the topic of wellbeing and mental health is extremely relevant in primary schools and it helped us to raise awareness and open up conversation with the children about it."

"The week has helped normalise feelings and adds to their vocabulary and understanding which will hopefully help them in the future."

"We are now finishing our work sessions with mindfulness breathing and the children are very aware of drinking more water and discussing their healthy food choices."

"It is so important that we teach our children that it is ok to have feelings and to talk about them and deal with them in a positive way, or understand what their friends may be feeling, by doing this we make it normal."


What did the children say about the week?

  • We enjoyed the different PE activities
  • We will use 3 breaths at the end of every day
  • I enjoyed making a calm box to have something for me at home to calm down
  • I learnt how worries can take over your body and brain but also strategies to keep calm
  • Exercise makes you feel good!
  • If I get angry or cross I can take 3 deep breaths
  • I now know how to put someone in the recovery position!
  • I really enjoyed learning about first aid and how to help them