Sarum St Paul's CofE (VA) Primary School

Westminster Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP2 7DG

01722 336459

Our School Song


Our school song was written by Mrs Kate Peter with ideas gathered from pupils and staff. We are really proud of our school song and feel it represents our vision, ethos and school characteristics very well!


We are the children of Sarum St. Paul’s

We love to sing together, we’re so proud of our school

We have amazing staff, our community is great

So come and join with us as we all celebrate.



This is our school and we’re proud that we belong

This is our school, so we sing this special song

We love to learn together, building friendship and faith

Sarum St. Paul’s is a very special place.


When we first arrive here, we’re penguins oh so small

The prefects help us settle in and soon we’re standing tall

Then we move onto Bear class, where learning is such fun

We love to be outdoors, whether rain or snow or sun!




Next we’re in Giraffe class and the end of Key stage One

We look out for the younger children, caring for everyone.

In year three we’re the cheeky monkey’s, now in Key stage two

With lots of new routines to learn, our friends help see us through.



On to the Toucan class, with care we learn to fly

We all have special talents and we’re not afraid to try.

When we move into Panda class, we need to persevere

Our work is hard but we still smile, our final year is near.



When it’s time to leave here, we know we must move on

But we are the elephants and we’ve grown big and strong

We know that we’ll have challenges through life that we must face

But we have strength to conquer them, through friendship and faith